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Saturday, August 18, 2007


Upcoming Performances 6th Anniversary Hafla Saturday September 22, 6:30 to 10:00 PM at the Galaxy Cinema in Cary NC. (more info)
I will be performing at this event as part of Blue Moon Dance Company and as a member of the Devoted Bellydance Collective. This show sounds like it is going to be huge! The proceeds are going to help keep up and running, so it's for a good cause too!

Twilight at the Oasis Sunday September 23, 5:30 to 10:00 PM at Cafe Parizade in Durham. (more info)
Twilight at the Oasis is a benefit dinner for Cornucopia House Cancer Support Center, hosted yearly by local troupe Orientale Expressions. I will be performing as a soloist.

Carrboro Music Festival Sunday September 30, Time and Location TBA (more info)
I will be performing in a spectacular 40 minute set by the Devoted Bellydance Collective. Did I mention this event is FREE? Why yes, it's FREE! So come out and see us!

hi nice blog!
It's awesome to see other people from my past taking unexpected paths. Thanks for reminding me that there actually are other people with more than animal intelligence. I hope that you are happy on your path and continue to keep your creativity.
Wow, so that comment I sent you sounds REALLY creepy when I play it back in my mind. I used to know you. I don't now. I have been meeting people from my past lately, which has led to me wondering where everyone else is now. You seem to be one of few SRHS students that actually is capable of keeping themselves happy. I appreciate your resolve. Once again, sorry for creepy comments, just good to see other people are OK.
Hi Anonymous- I don't think you sound creepy, I just wish I knew who you are!
I am more than OK, I'm doing great, although I am sad to hear that apparently many other people from high school are not.
In any case, thanks for the comment and the encouragement.
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