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Sunday, October 29, 2006


New Class Dates!

I am going to be teaching one last session of classes at the Chapel Hill - Carrboro YMCA before the end of 2006! There is less than two weeks before this session will start, so please, if you want to take the class, go ahead and sign up ASAP. (This way I can convince the Y that it is okay for us not to have such long breaks between class sessions.) The new class session will run from November 7 to December 12. Unlike previous classes, there will only be 6 dates in this session. The focus of this session will be learning how to dance effectively with a partner. We will learn how to use cues, transitions, and body language to communicate nonverbally with a partner using Blue Moon Dance Company's improv format. We will also learn some simple combinations and traveling techniques which work excellently for duets. This class will build on material from previous classes but will still be designed so that new students can participate just as well.
More info re: pricing, location, and time is available at the Class Info page.
Please note that after this session of classes the rates will be increasing. This is a decision I made, so you can be mad at me if you want :) but I wanted the price of this class to more accurately reflect the median price of bellydance classes in this area. We bellydancers work hard to establish fair market standards for our class and performance rates. While the Y's price structure was in line with other fitness classes in the area, it was quite a good deal lower than most if not all class prices offered by other BD teachers in the area. I hope that interest in the class will stay up despite the price increase-- in my opinion the new prices are still quite affordable, especially when you consider the amount paid for each session. Again, this change will NOT affect this last 2006 session, but will affect all future sessions.

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