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Monday, March 06, 2006


Links of the Week, March 7

For each coming week I will try to provide a link to a site about bellydance history, and links to sites for both well-known and slightly lesser-known performers and troupes. I am doing this as a learning resource for my students, as well as any other visitors to the site. If you have a link you think would be appropriate to feature, please email me! (

History and Culture
"A History of American Tribal Style BellyDance", written by Rina Orellana Rall, former co-director of FatChance BellyDance
This article discusses the history of bellydance in the United States and the evolution of American Tribal Style in a respectful and accurate manner. A great place to start for anyone interested in the dance and its origins.

Troupes and Performers
Gypsy Caravan One of the oldest and best-known Tribal troupes in the US, Gypsy Caravan is directed by Paulette Rees-Denis, whose blog you can also read on The Gypsy Caravan musicians are amazing, and their CDs are probably my favorite out of my entire bellydance music collection.

Mandara A world fusion dance troupe based out of southwestern Virginia, Mandara is directed by Jennifer Spieden, who, in addition to being an excellent dancer and teacher, is also one of the kindest people I know in the East Coast dance community. Mandara and Jennifer were recently featured instructors and perfomers at TribalCon 2006 in Atlanta.

Sorry this isn't on topic, but: I was disappointed to see that Blue Moon isn't on the schedule for this year's NC Renaissance Faire. I hope it's just a mistake and that the troupe will be there!
Hi Anonymous~
Unforunately Blue Moon will not be performing at the NC Ren Faire this year. Right now we are considering possibilities for other public performances we could hold on a more regular basis. Stay tuned here and on Blue Moon's website for more information!
If you do end up going to the Renaissance Faire, you might want to consider asking where Blue Moon went-- I'm sure they could use that feedback.
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