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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Links of the Week, March 14

History and Culture
The Many Faces of Tribal Belly Dance by Sharon Moore
This is not an article but rather a sort of online presentation. While it's still under construction, it provides concise and accurate information about the different traditional dances from around the world that influence tribal bellydance.

Troupes and Performers
Awalim Dance Company Awalim, directed by Z'iah Ali, is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Awalim is noteworthy for their beautiful choreographies and the skill of their dancers both as part of the troupe and as soloists. Their style is a great example of what many people refer to as "East Coast Tribal", which, in contrast to "pure" American Tribal Style, places a greater emphasis on choreography while still maintaining most of the other Tribal Style aesthetic elements. Awalim and Z'iah recently were the hosts of TribalCon 2006, which is quickly growing to be one of the most popular Tribal events on the East Coast.

Sashi Sashi is the reason I bellydance! Once I saw her very first performance with Blue Moon I knew I had to start taking classes myself. She is an inspiration to me. She's also the most awesome mom in the world! Sashi teaches class in both Cary and Chapel Hill throughout the week and performs regularly as a member of Blue Moon. She also vends all kinds of different bellydance necessities as Blue Fusion Inc.
Nandana Nandana, also a principal member of Blue Moon Dance Company, was my first bellydance instructor, and I still take classes from her fairly often. Her instruction has been a huge influence on my personal style. She teaches all over the Triangle area. Any student really interested in developing their Tribal technique should look in to taking her intermediate level classes once they have the prerequisite experience. Nandana also vends beautiful costumes and tribal jewelry, which are available on her site and at various regional events.
Sashi and Nandana also teach basic level classes as a team on Monday nights and basic level two/advanced beginner classes on Wednesday nights at the Cary YMCA.

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